Wobble Broach and Wobble Broaching Tools

Polygon Solutions manufacturers precision Wobble Broach Tools. We offer Hexagon, Square, Torx and Custom Shape Wobble Broaches. We are the first in our industry to offer a Tool Holder Rental Program. Our superior wobble broach tool holder was designed with the end-user in mind. There is no required maintenance such as greasing the bearing every few hours and our pressure relief vent hole technology allows air and fluid to escape the workpiece thereby prolonging the life of the broaching tool as well as the life of your machine.

Micro BroachingMicro Wobble Broaching

If you need to make small polygon or other shaped holes smaller than one-quarter of an inch, micro wobble broaching may be for you. Wobble broaching tools can be used on with Swiss machine tools and other equipment designed for making small parts. The wobble broaching tool holder is capable of holding 8mm shank broaches, which come in standard hexagon forms as small as .051”. Hexagon broaches smaller than .051” are also available.

Aerospace IndustryAerospace Industry

Wobble broaching tools use the full force of standard turning machines to create polygon shaped holes in precision machined metal products. The aerospace industry’s unique needs for customized, lightweight, precise and high-strength fastener products make the wobble broaching tool an excellent addition to any aerospace machining facility. Wobble broaches are available with standard and custom made shapes.

Medical IndustryMedical Industry

Wobble broaches have numerous uses in the Medical Industry including bone screw and implant applications with hexagon, Torx® style, six-lobe or hexalobular drive features. Due to the demanding nature of the medical field for reliability in surgical procedures, machining standards for surgical equipment tend to be very precise compared to other similar size and material metal parts.

Automotive IndustryAutomotive Industry

The main advantage of the wobble broaching operation is that this process can be completed on the machine where the part is first turned or milled. This eliminates sub- sequent operations and results in savings of time & money. Automotive suppliers intent on reducing costs due to fierce competition may reverse engineer some part features in order to take advantage of this cost-savings machining technique.